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Database Storage, November 2020

ASSESSMariaDBCockroachDBVitessTRIALConsulBigQueryCassandraAWS DynamoDBCloudSQLMongoDBAuroraADOPTMySQLMemcachedElasticsearchPostgreSQLKafkaRedis
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The Themes

1. Companies are cautious with their data and slow to adopt newer technologies.

The newer technologies, like CockroachDB, TiDB, and Vitess, have not been widely studied by many of the companies that responded. CockroachDB and Vitess ended up in “Assess.”  Show More

2. Choosing a managed database service depends heavily on use cases.

We were surprised to see low adoption of cloud-managed services. This led us to realize that the use of managed database services can vary widely depending on the use case – where the application is deployed, the amount of data being stored, if a cloud provider is already being used. If a company has a large amount of data, for instance, there can be significant cost overhead to using a managed database solution. Show More

3. Keep an open mind!

We found that database storage is still an evolving space. Some projects have been around for quite a long time, which has likely driven up their adoption rate, especially considering usage in large companies. Many of these legacy technologies have a good reputation, given they are stable and proven to work.  Show More

The End User companies

IndeedTicketMasterEquityZenPayItUnder ArmourMeltwaterZendeskKSATBoxIntuitAnovaThermo Fisher ScientificShopifyGMXSpotifyZalandoNetMatchAppletrivagoAuthKeysMastercardThe New York TimesLunarUswitchN26
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The Radar Team

Jackie Fong

Jackie Fong

Engineering Leader at Ticketmaster

Jackie is an Engineering Leader in the Platform organization at Ticketmaster responsible for Container Orchestration, CI/CD, Observability, and Developer Experience. At the beginning of 2020, Jackie started a Service Mesh End User Group at CNCF and serves as a co-chair.

Smaïne Kahlouch

Smaïne Kahlouch

DevOps Team Leader at Dailymotion

Smaïne is a DevOps Team Leader at Dailymotion. He leads a team in charge of building a reliable and scalable platform as well as the release management. He is the organizer of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation meetup in Paris and a CNCF Ambassador in France.

Mya Pitzeruse

Mya Pitzeruse

Principal Engineer at Indeed

Mya was the Principal Engineer for the Service Platforms Group at Indeed, where she designed and guided the development of their cloud native platform across compute, storage, and observability.

The data

The CNCF End User Community was asked to describe what their companies recommend for different solutions: Adopt, Trial, Assess or Hold. This table shows how the End User companies rated each technology.


The industries

Financial Services4
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