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Continuous Delivery, June 2020

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The Themes

1. Publicly available solutions are combined with in-house tools

Many end users had tried up to 10 options and settled on adopting 2-4. Several large enterprise companies have built their own continuous delivery tools and open sourced components, including LunarWay’s release-manager, Box’s kube-applier, and stackset-controller from Zalando. The public cloud managed solutions on the CNCF landscape were not suggested by any of the end users, which may reflect the options available a few years ago. 

2. Helm is more than packaging applications

While Helm has not positioned itself as a Continuous Delivery tool (it’s the Kubernetes package manager first), it’s widely used and adopted as a component in different CD scenarios. 

3. Jenkins is still broadly deployed, while cloud native-first options emerge.

Jenkins and its ecosystem tools (Jenkins X, Jenkins Blue Ocean) are widely evaluated and used. However, several end users stated Jenkins is primarily used for existing deployments, while new applications have migrated to other solutions. Hence end users who are choosing a new CD solution should assess Jenkins alongside tools that support modern concepts such as GitOps (for example, Flux). 

The End User companies

Ant FinancialSpotifyAppleIndeedThermo Fisher ScientificBoxKSATSnow SoftwareHobsonsLunarGMXRicardo.chThe New York TimesN26EquityZenUnder ArmourIntuitNielsenZendeskEverQuoteJD CloudPayItState FarmMeltwatertrivagoZalando
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The Radar Team

Cheryl Hung

Cheryl Hung

Director of Ecosystem at CNCF

Cheryl's mission is to make end users successful and productive with cloud native technologies

The data

The CNCF End User Community was asked to describe what their companies recommend for different solutions: Adopt, Trial, Assess or Hold. This table shows how the End User companies rated each technology.


The industries

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